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HAMLET (Human Alpha-lactalbumin Made LEthal to Tumour cells), was discovered in breastmilk several years ago, but it is only recently been possible to test it on humans.  In 1999, I went to the La Leche League International conference in Washington DC and heard the primary researcher, Anders Håkansson MD PhD, talk about his findings.  They put cancer cells in a dish with breastmilk and they all died, all of them, everytype of cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, etc.  When they put healthy cells in the breastmilk they just grew, and were happy.  The breastmilk told the unhealthy cancer cells, who were growing uncontrollably to stop/die.  They died by a process called apoptosis, or programed cell death, like the dry/dead layer of skin on our bodies.  There is something in the DNA of the cell that tells it when it is done–to shrivle up and die.   The other kind of cell death is necrosis.  When cells die of necrosis, they explode – like when cells are killed by an antibiotic, or by chemotherapy.  So the cells that died in the breastmilk were told to quit–stop dividing uncontrollably. We were all jumping out of our seats as we listened to him and asked how soon this would be used in cancer treatment.  He said he didn’t know and because he was a researcher it was not his job.  He passed this information along to the people who do clinical trials– tests and then put a treatment into use.  He said it ought to be soon as breastmilk is so safe–after all we feed it in large quantities to our babies!

Until recently, no one that I have ever talked to in the oncology field have even heard of this yet!  I do know people who have used breast milk to help treat their cancer.  Often they do it as a last ditch teatment when the other therapies are no longer effective.

Click this link to go to the news release from researchers at the University of Gothenburg who are focusing on how HAMLET can be taken up into tumour cells.


Also see this link for the original link from Discover Magazine in 1999:  http://discovermagazine.com/1999/jun/featcancer


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Welcome to our Blog!  We hope to share our thoughts, passions and loads of good information about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting with you.

Many of you heard in the news about the horrible contamination of infant formula in China with the industrial melamine.  The CDC reports nearly 60,000 children were brought for medical care, thousands of children hospitalized, and at least four infants died as a result.  Similar health problems have been reported in Hong Kong and Singapore but have not been confirmed.  Read what the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization have to report about this situation.

Powdered formulas have had more recalls that any other type.  CLICK HERE To learn more about recalls of infant formulas.

If you or anyone you know is using a powdered formula, please CLICK HERE to read about guidelines for the safe preparation, storage and handling of powdered infant formula.

Here is a great excerpt from American Chronicle (Beverly Hills, CA): Breastfeeding Can Save Your Baby’s Life! :

“As if there weren’t enough great reasons to breastfeed your baby, here is one more!  Between 1982 and 1994 alone, there were 22 significant recalls of infant formula in the US due to Health and Safety problems.”

Thanks for visiting our blog.  We will work to give you lots to consider and learn as you make your journey through parenthood.



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