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The Real Diaper Association, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, provides support and education to parents all across North America for the use of simple, reusable cloth diapers. The goal of the Real Diaper Association is to put more babies in cloth diapers. To do this we aim to create a cultural shift in understanding cloth diapers-their environmental impact, their ease of use, their accessibility, and their acceptability. The Association will help parents understand that cloth diapers are real diapers.

Members of the Real Diaper Association will support reliable scientific and demographic research into health and environmental benefits of cloth diapers. The Association will then distribute this research to members, local governments, health care providers, environmental organizations, and others.

The Real Diaper Resource Center supports our members and their local Real Diaper Circles with the information and tools they need to spread the use of cloth diapers. Through the Resource Center, RDA plans national campaigns, distributes educational information and sponsors research. Our members have access to the Resource Center through our website, through local Leaders, through our national convention, and through the information we distribute in pamphlets, email lists and other publications.

Through local Real Diaper Circles, the Association organizes members who advocate cloth diapers locally, meeting with new parents face-to-face to make their diapering choice easier.


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Having a new baby brings extra expenses to every family’s budget. With these uncertain times, many families are losing jobs due to layoffs and the economy having ups and downs. To help you with ideas on how to save money, here are a few ideas:

  • Breastfeed Your Baby as long as possible, at least a year. Breastfeeding saves parents $1000 or more in formula expenses for a year and much more money and family energy because breastfed babies have fewer doctor visits and medical bills, less diaper rash, less stains on clothing, etc.
  •  Use Cloth Diapers as much as possible! Disposables cost 10-25 cents each! Babies use up to 6000 diapers in 2-3 years. That means parents spend at least $3000 (most times more) to use disposables until their child is potty trained! Using washable diapers can save you so much, not only with the first baby but also with the second and third!
  •  Stop buying Baby Wipes. Make your own or use a plain clean washcloth with warm water and a little baby wash.
  •  Cook at home and cook from scratch as much as possible. Fast food doubles to quadruples your food expense. Cook larger amounts and have more for lunches and leftover meals.
  • Pack lunch, snacks, and a bottle of water when you go out instead of shopping for fast food. 
  • Turn off lights when you leave a room.  Wear a sweater in the winter and use fans in the summer to save energy at home.  Put up a clothes line and hang your clothes and cloth diapers to dry instead of using the dryer all the time.
  • Plan your purchases! Make lists and stick to your lists when you shop.  Don’t allow yourself to “impulse buy.”

Things Many Moms Say You Can Do Without:

Changing Table – change baby on top of a dresser or bed.

Baby Bath Tub:  Wash baby in the sink or tub

Baby Towels and Robes

Baby Food:  Babies eat many foods from the table when ready.  Buy an inexpensive Baby Food Grinder (at Best Start).

Baby Wipes Warmer

Mobile:  Babies soon tire of these and you can make your own with a coat hanger and some pictures or toys hung from it.  Just be sure to keep it out of baby’s reach.

Infant shoes:  Purely decorative and unnecessary until baby can walk

Baby Dishes:  Baby can eat off clean high chair tray, place mat, or table.  They usually throw the dish on the floor anyway.

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New to cloth diapering? Watch this informative video about how easy it is to use the Bummis Cloth Diapers!

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From the Real Diaper Association’s WhataWaste site: “According to the EPA’s most recent municipal waste report (2008), 2.3% by weight of products discarded in the municipal waste stream are disposable diapers. That means that out of 166,740,000 tons or 333,480,000,000 pounds of trash, disposable diapers accounted for 3,790,000 tons or 7,580,000,000 pounds of non-recovered, toss-it-in-the-landfill trash in 2008.”

Visit our cloth diapering page to see how affordable and easy it is to cloth diaper your baby!

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We were fortunate to meet so many new families that did not know about Best Start, our wonderful classes, services and washable diapers.

Machelle with Morgan 5, Josiah 3, and Sasha-Madison 2

Machelle with Morgan 5, Josiah 3, and Sasha-Madison 2

We loved sharing information about all types of washable diapers available now, how easy they are to use and care for and especially how much they save families (over $2,000 per child over disposables) and the environment.

Plus they are TOO cute!

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Getting up this morning I heard the usual hustle and bustle in the kitchen. My handsome son was up with the children. It was his turn and my dear daughter-in-law was having her morning to sleep in a little longer. They alternate who gets up with the kids. Nice arrangement.
The 7 year old was off on the bus and the other 3 were finishing eating their breakfast. He sat down on the floor and called the twins, now 23 months, to him for their first diaper change of the day. I tell you, I’m proud. This Dad can change a wiggling baby, put on any kind of cloth diaper faster than anybody! Well he’s done it with 4 children now. We’ve gone through all kinds, from prefolds with snappies and the Bummis wraps and now the bumGenius.
I asked him what he thought and without hesitation he said bumGenius were his favorite. They are easy to put on and fit so well. And of course the money saved with diapering twins is very important for their budget. Twins aren’t cheap and disposables for 2 cost close to $100 per month.

This is a great blog about cloth diapers.

So many Moms find it a bit daunting to get started, so it is nice to read about other peoples experiences and how to make this easy and positive for everybody. It is the beginning that seems hard, but once you get into the swing of things and pat yourself on the back for saving your family money, reducing what goes into the landfill, reducing your “carbon footprint” you’ll feel great. PLUS we have had so many Moms tell us their baby actually points to the cloth diapers on the changing table rather than the disposables. They FEEL BETTER!! Isn’t that one of the best reasons?

The May Mother’s Teas at Best Start are all about using cloth diapers. Come with your questions and experiences to share.

May 6th and 16th at 10 AM.

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