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by Jane Bradshaw RN, IBCLC, RLC
With all the breastpumps on the market how does a mother decide which is best for her?  When should she consider renting a medical quality pump?

The simplest answer is that basically rental pumps are the ‘cream of the crop’. The medical grade pumps are comfortable, effective, efficient, and easy to use. They would be too expensive for most people to buy, $900 to $1500, but have the best pumping action. They are the best to maintain or stimulate the mother’s milk supply when she is away from her baby or baby cannot breastfeed for any reason. If mother or baby has any medical problems, one of the high quality rental pumps is by far the best choice. Mother’s are more likely to achieve the best milk supply and be able to go on to breastfeed exclusively once everyone recovers with one of these excellent pumps.

PLUS most medical insurances pay for the rental of these medical grade breastpumps when there is a medical problem with mother or baby!

It is far cheaper for an insurance company, or the family, to pay for a pump rental and the baby to receive the health benefits of mother’s milk than for the baby to be formula fed and have the proven increase in doctor visits and medical bills.

A mother may rent a pump if she wants to try pumping when she goes back to work and is not ready to buy yet. This gives her time to adjust and consider her situation. Other mothers love the pumps so much, their ease of use and efficiency they rent their favorite pump for the entire first year or however long they are pumping at work for their baby, and do it again when they have another baby.

To see a chart to help a mother choose the best pump for her situation look at this link:


If you have any questions about renting a Breastpump, call or come in to Best Start and one of our experienced staff will answer your questions.   (434) 384-MAMA (6262)

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