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We have just become an affiliate with Breastmilkbabies.com!  Here is a blog post from their website about some of their wonderful products. 

by Robin Frees, Director of Breastmilkbabies.com

Are you a nursing mom concerned about sufficient
milk supply?

Do you feel stressed about pumping and/or returning to work?

Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Being a new mom is a beautiful and exciting experience.
And being committed to nursing your baby is also a wonderful
bonding opportunity.

But the stresses of life, and of returning to work can and often
do contribute to concerns about milk supply, stress, and nursing.

Since stress has been shown to negatively impact supply,
we have created a new set of resources for breastfeeding moms.

These resources and a great video, dedicated to stress reduction,
building milk supply,
and returning to work and pumping.

You can read about them and sample the soothing mp3s created
especially for nursing moms concerned with her supply, who needs
to reduce stress and to feel more relaxed and capable, and for moms
who are returning to work and planning to pump.

Click here to listen to samples of this wonderful product!


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