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Jane Bradshaw recently returned from teaching a group of 45 people in Reston on the latest in lactation education!  Jane has been teaching in lactation programs in Virginia and North Carolina to help other medical professionals who were now recognizing lactation consultants as part of the health care team since 1989.

At this month’s workshop, Jane had OB Nurses with over 30 years of experience attending her workshop in Reston.  They said it was the best workshop that they have attended, and were amazed at the new biological information covered about the natural instincts of the mom/baby interaction in breastfeeding that they were able to take back with them to the OB unit to help moms successfully initiate breastfeeding.

Lactation Education Resources trains doctors, nurses, nutritionists, doulas and others in the skills to become a Lactation Consultant.  To find out more about attending one of these workshops or even attending some online workshops, visit their website at:  http://www.leron-line.com/Where_To_Start.htm


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From the Real Diaper Association’s WhataWaste site: “According to the EPA’s most recent municipal waste report (2008), 2.3% by weight of products discarded in the municipal waste stream are disposable diapers. That means that out of 166,740,000 tons or 333,480,000,000 pounds of trash, disposable diapers accounted for 3,790,000 tons or 7,580,000,000 pounds of non-recovered, toss-it-in-the-landfill trash in 2008.”

Visit our cloth diapering page to see how affordable and easy it is to cloth diaper your baby!

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We were fortunate to meet so many new families that did not know about Best Start, our wonderful classes, services and washable diapers.

Machelle with Morgan 5, Josiah 3, and Sasha-Madison 2

Machelle with Morgan 5, Josiah 3, and Sasha-Madison 2

We loved sharing information about all types of washable diapers available now, how easy they are to use and care for and especially how much they save families (over $2,000 per child over disposables) and the environment.

Plus they are TOO cute!

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