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There is so much distressing news in the media every day. So many people are affected by layoffs and downturns in the economy. The key to emotional survival tough financial times is to have a supportive, close family. Research always shows the people who do the best in life, have close relationships with their “family.”

“Family” may or may not be blood relatives, but you will notice those people who have lots of people who they care about and who care for them are happier and more stable than those who don’t. It may not change your finances, but it will help your outlook and peace of mind. It is having others who love and support us and being there for others that makes our lives happy and worth living. Also it is knowing HOW to form these deep meaningful relationships that shapes our lives. These strong bonds seems to ‘insulate’ us from many of life’s woes, many physical illnesses and emotional distress. I have known too many people who fail at this and even though they “have it all” they are miserable and spend their adult lives looking for happiness, often when it is staring them in the face.

The whole reason I have been so driven to start and continue Best Start Parenting Center is that helping parents understand and begin their loving relationship with their babies starts them on the road of good, gentle, effective, healthy parenting. This builds trust and love and starts the growing family on it’s path of building their strong, loving, life-long ties. I have so many mothers that come into Best Start and tell me what a blessing it has been in their lives to have a better childbirth experience and to be able to do their best with breastfeeding and parenting. Often they embarrass their 10, 15, or 20 year old by saying: “This is the lady who helped me breastfeed you!” That usually happens about the time we think Best Start can’t go on, but then I realize we can. People always helped and supported me throughout my ups and downs in life.

Hopefully Best Start will be a positive influence in some way for your life. I always tell Moms that “Now you are ambassadors. Go out and support others throughout your life. Tell them they can have good childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting experiences. Help everyone, even when you are a 90 year old walking with your cane, encourage young parents. Help them to search out and get good, reliable, trustworthy information. Praise their efforts and tell them it is worth it!”



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Have you heard pros and cons of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)? “It’s good – – -it’s bad, it’s no worse than sugar” . . . . .

Well I’m becoming more convinced each day that we need to eat as close to our great-grandparents diet as possible. The more processed the foods, the more chance for problems, additives or changes that make the food bad/dangerous for us, and especially pregnant moms, babies and children.

“It turns out that many foods sweetened with HFCS contain mercury, left as a residue in the production of caustic soda, a key ingredient in HFCS. And worst of all, the FDA and the industry have known about this potential toxin and has continued serving it up since at least 2005.”

Read this article from the Huffington Post for more information, then check your pantry for some of these food items that may contain mercury.

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