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The Face of Facebook

From the United States Lactation Consultation Association:

By now, you’ve probably heard at least distant rumblings about the brouhaha on Facebook, the huge social network that has declared breastfeeding photos to be obscene. The company chose to delete breastfeeding photos rather than try to discern what is “appropriate” nudity and what is heading down a slippery slope to porn. Not surprisingly, the outcry from nursing mothers and those who work with them has been huge—complete with protests both online and at company headquarters.

The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine even issued a press release pointing out the normalcy of breastfeeding, and therefore its appropriateness on Facebook. If you’d like to read more about this controversy, check out Amy Spangler’s Baby Gooroo blog from December 23, 2009. So far, the protests have not led to any change in policy by Facebook management, but it has made for heated discussion around the globe.

Let Facebook know your opinion.


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