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Welcome to our blog!  We are so glad you have stopped by to check out our newest addition to our website!  We really appreciate your patience as we get into the swing of things with this blog and gear up to start posting on a weekly basis.  You will find all kinds of great information about breastfeeding, childbirth, parenting, and more as time goes on.  So stay tuned!

Did you know? Jane Bradshaw is not only the wonderful founder/owner of Best Start Parenting Center and outstanding lactation consultant – but she is also a breastfeeding educator of physicians and nurses?  Jane often travels to Northern Virginia to teach physicians and nurses at hospitals in the area everything she knows about breastfeeding.  Just taking that opportunity to honor Jane and letting you know that while she is out this week, there will not be any updates to the blog.  Please check back on Monday!

Have a wonderful day!

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